Cant type in form fields in HTML player **SOLVED**

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Cant type in form fields in HTML player **SOLVED**


Hi all,

I have a setup whereby I am loading some html (a form) into the page, before opening it with Shadowbox, this all works fine, but when I focus on any of the form fields none of them can be typed in.

I'm using the Mootools adapter and the below piece of code is dealing with loading the content and opening the Shadowbox:

			//Add the loading to any of the sidebar buttons
			$$('a.button').each(function(item) {
				//Add the event listener
				item.addEvent('click', function(event){
					new Request.HTML({
						onSuccess: function(resp) {
							//Launch the shadowbox{
								player: 'html',
								content: $('inline-form').get('html'),
								width: '600px'
					return false;

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks



After looking into this more I have found that passing enableKeys:false as an option to open resolves the problem. I'm assuming that Shadowbox intercepts all key presses in order to listen for certain events and this was causing the problem - hope this helps someone else!