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Force Resizing Of Shadowbox

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Good day and first off I just wanted to say that this is an awesome piece of code!!

But I have run against a bit of a problem and wonder how hard it would be to write a patch to cover this exception.

I'm trying to use shadowbox, but the image links that I'm getting from the website are distributed through cloudfront and the file names are loosing their .jpg extensions. When I create a shadow box example with images locally, that have the .jpg extension in them, the shadowbox sizes right to the image. But if I try to use a link to the image like this: which will resolve to, which is the image, shadowbox cannot recognize it when I select only images to be displayed or when I select all items, it creates a large shadowbox bigger then the image and the image sits in the top left hand corner. Clear as mud, right?

So my question is, is there an overright condition that will try to size to the shadowbox contents, just like if it was a .jpg file?

I've posted an example here