How to add an Image description DIV ? (like Lightwindow)

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How to add an Image description DIV ? (like Lightwindow)


First of all, I want to say GREAT JOB! for your Shadowbox script, this is probably the best Lightbox-like I've ever use. Congratulation.

However I have a problem of adapting the script to the website I'm creating. I tried many lightbox-like script (Lightbox 2, Slimbox, Tickbox, Smoothgallery, and finally, Lightwindow and Shadowbox), and Shadowbox is the most interesting especially in two options : always centered box when scrolling the page, and dragguable images when they are bigger than the box in max size. But what I'm looking for is the possibility of image description in addition of image title, and I need this option in my website.

So, in that in mind, I want to add a div containing the image description between the image and the toolbar or, and this will be greater, this div in the bottom of the image (in the "shadowbox_body_inner" so) appearing when the cursor is on it, and of couse disappear when the cursor is out this div.

I admit that, despite many attempts, I don't find a solution to this problem. So I need your help : how to add a image description div to the Shadowbox, like LightWindow does?

Thanks in advance.

(I'm sorry for my english, because I'm a french guy ^^ )