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Inline DIV with SWF content


I have a page that has three links in blue that then clicked on opens a shadowbox window.

Immediately on opening the shadowbox a new browser window is created to display the SWF (in addition to displaying it in the shadowbox). What's causing that? I get the following error in Firefox:

$ is not defined
get("shadowbox_loading")shadowbox-prototy... (line 79)
hideLoading(function())shadowbox.js (line 1815)
finishContent()shadowbox.js (line 1483)
(no name)()shadowbox.js (line 1389)
event("afterFinish")effects.js (line 298)
loop(1212617764139)effects.js (line 279)
loop()effects.js (line 220)
(no name)()prototype.js (line 209)
[Break on this error] return $(el);


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Re: Inline DIV with SWF content

Bug fix:

In shadowbox.js, find the createHTML function (right near the bottom, around line 2428.
Within this function there are 3 places where html (the variable) has a string appended to it, and where that string ends with \n
Remove the \n from each of those strings, eg
html += '/>\n'; becomes html += '/>';
html += '>\n'; becomes html += '>';
html += '</' + obj.tag + '>\n'; becomes html += '</' + obj.tag + '>';

[The \n introduces totally unnecessary text nodes that actually cause an error the second time anything is displayed in the shadowbox because Firefox doesn't like to appendChild() to a textnode]
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