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Is this code ok?

I've stumbled into Shadowbox since i can use it with Flash. But beeing a newbie I'm not sure of doing all right. Is the code below ok to use(plus som <> that? Dreamweaver thinks all validates fine, and it does work fine in IE7, Firefox 3b5 and Safari 3.1.1

If not, what should I consider changing?

a href="_skulpturer/bilder/alg.png" rel="shadowbox[Skulpturer] " title="Älg">Sexton skulpturer/a
a href="_skulpturer/bilder/attityd.png" rel="shadowbox[Skulpturer] " title="Attityd">/a
a href="_skulpturer/bilder/balett.png" rel="shadowbox[Skulpturer] " title="Balett">/a
a href="_skulpturer/bilder/bugg.png" rel="shadowbox[Skulpturer] " title="Bugg">/a
a href="_skulpturer/bilder/dansos.png" rel="shadowbox[Skulpturer] " title="Dansös">/a
a href="_skulpturer/bilder/fostran.png" rel="shadowbox[Skulpturer] " title="Fostran">/a

a href="gubbe.swf" title ="Första" rel="shadowbox[Flashar];height=342;width=600">Se animationerna/a
a href="tum_flash.swf" title ="Liten snurrgubbe" rel="shadowbox[Flashar];height=450;width=257">/a
a href="/flash.swf" title ="Nästa" rel="shadowbox[Flashar];height=550;width=328">/a