Issues in IE and Safari

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Issues in IE and Safari

Awesome job with putting this together. Very nice and smooth.

I have decided to switch from Lightbox to Shadowbox as your solution solves many problems. I've begun implementing this on my site, however, I've run into a couple hiccups that I just can't seem to determine what's going wrong.

Scroll down. The three links at the bottom of the six examples have the shadowbox effect on them. Here are the issues:

#1 Internet Explorer (at least in 6.0)
When I scroll down to click one of these links, the shadowbox launches without issue - but it's loading at the top of the window rather than in the center of my view.

#2 Safari (at least in 3)
Shadowbox doesn't launch at all. It just links to the image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to start using this going forward but can't seem to get the kinks out. Thanks.