Launching Shadowbox from Flash9 (AS3)

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Launching Shadowbox from Flash9 (AS3)

I'm having a lot of trouble getting this to work.

I've found some examples, but they're written in AS2. I'm trying to rewrite to AS3. Can anyone help?

Here's the original:
import flash.external.*;

function build_lightbox():Void{"myflashShadowboxInjector.reset");"myflashShadowboxInjector.appendElement", "", "legende", "0", "shadowbox[maGalerie]");"myflashShadowboxInjector.updateImageList");

esp.onPress = function() {


and here's what I have so far:

import flash.external.*;

//Button declared here
var testme_btn:SimpleButton = new button;
testme_btn.x = 0;
testme_btn.y = 0;
addChild( testme_btn);

//add ears to the button
testme.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gohandleBuild);

//function of the button
function gohandleBuild(myEvent:MouseEvent):void {

function Light_box(myEvent:MouseEvent):Void{"myflashShadowboxInjector.reset");"myflashShadowboxInjector.appendElement", "", "first page", "0", "shadowbox[maGalerie]");"myflashShadowboxInjector.updateImageList");


When I run this, I get this:

1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Void.