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ModX Integration

ShadowBox ROCKS!!!
it's, hands-down, the best lightbox out there. thanks for giving us a lightbox with so many options & abilities!

that said, is there any interest in integrating it into the ModX CMS?
ModX @

and better yet - it would be REAL cool if there was a dummy-proof gallery option for clients that don't know a lick of code.

i was hoping to try and integrate it into the ModX snippet MaxiGallery, but couldn't figure out how.

so, my dream would be that EITHER there would be a shadowbox gallery snippet for modx that gave a front-end for client/users to upload/linkto their media and it show up in a thumbnailed gallery like maxigallery does (or better),
there would be a way to add media via the TinyMCE wysiwyg toolbar that modx uses - which there is, but to have those media links to use shadowbox.

so,,, any thoughts?
thanx for yer time,