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Privacy Policy - IE blocking sessionid

We are current using shadowbox to access our supportsuite which is hosted on a separate server.

Currently we are fighting a privacy policy cookie issue that is present with IE 6+ and Netscape for what it's still worth.

Because we are using an iframe with different domain than parent window, the child is ignoring all sessionid cookie requests.  IE be default security settings is treating such cookies as 3rd Party and defaulting to block.  Unless we add an allow cookie from this site in IE, the user login scripts do not function.  The sessionid is lost.

Has anyone found a way to correct this issue?

We were considering P3P compliancy as suggested by so many sites.  However the hosting company the support suite is on doesn't want to consider applying such a W3C standard that no longer is used since 2006 with standard 1.1 being dropped for a lack of interest.

FF, Opra and Safari are working fine.