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Problem with handleOversize

Hello to all,
I've read dozens of posts about this problem, but none of them had a solution.
I hope some of you can help me, or confirm that it does not work and therefore it is useless to seek a solution that is not there.

I use shadowbox (3.0.3) to open the image so that these are adapted to the size of the shadowbox.
I wrote this code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
                        handleOversize:     "resize",
                        displayNav:         false,
                        handleUnsupported:  "remove",
                        enableKeys:         false,
                        autoplayMovies:     false

and then:

<a href="galleria/154_big.jpg" rel="shadowbox;height=600;width=900"><img src="galleria/154.jpg" width="180" height="100" alt="test" /></a>

Unfortunately, it only works well in Firefox.
The same code in IE and Chrome does not work and there are always the scroll bars.
Is there any solution or is it a bug shadowbox?

Thanks in advance!