Problem with implementing galleries

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Problem with implementing galleries

Hello !
Sorry for my english, i'll try to do my best.

I have just installed shadowbox in my website with dreamweaver.
It works well but the button close doesn't work.
I must click out of the image to quit shadowbox.

My second problem is i don't understant how to make a gallery.

I would like to open a shadowbox gallery when i click to the link "Gallery 1". I have a folder with 2 images.

I've tried a lot of thinks to make it work but it doesn't.

Could you hepl me ?

Thank you very much
Feyhung from Lorient in Brittany
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Re: Problem with implementing galleries

Do you have an online example of what you currently have?

you have to put in the rel attribute something like this rel="Shadowbox[myGallery]".

if you do that, the shadowbox see's you want to add an image to the shadowbox in the gallery myGallery.