Quicktime error (audio remains after close )

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Quicktime error (audio remains after close )


I work with Rapidweaver, and recently I have integrated Shadowbox in one of my templates. Shadowbox has been working perfectly, but one of my PC users tells me that when he closes the window, the audio remains. ( I’m using shadowbox for quicktime videos ). I have Parallels installed and I tried with IE7 but everything works ok, ( as well as Safari and Firefox in my Mac )… I dont know if in a “real” PC is when the error appears.

Is anyone else getting the correct behavior from Shadowbox under IE6/7?
I don't know if theres an upgrade i miss, or something...

Until now i had found that if you put the quicktime inside an html file, and link the html, the audio of the file remains even if you open another link ( so at the end you will finish with a mix of all the audios )… but if you link directly the quicktime file, the audio still remains, but if you open another link, the audio disappears.

Link to html (with quicktime inside ):

Link directly to quicktime: