SB working...yet breaks after use of .flv on Firefox (Mac)

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SB working...yet breaks after use of .flv on Firefox (Mac)

I've read the other post about problems with Firefox and ShadowBox playing flash files on a Mac...but this is a little more complicated.

I'm using SB to open up a flash photo gallery called SimpleViewer (

Here's an example of what I'm trying to do.  Click the "Headshots Women" area:

What I would like to have SB launch the Simpleviewer...and, for the most part, that works on all browsers just fine.

But on Firefox on Mac....after all the images have loaded in SimpleViewer...if you click any of the thumbnails, the page "breaks."  Meaning, the page flickers a bit and some parts go invisible.  If you put your mouse over them, they reappear.  

To make this clearer...I've recorded a short movie of what the problem looks like on my screen:  (8.5mb)

is there any fix for this?

Please know that I'm at a very beginner level in terms of please be as descriptive as possible.

thank you in advance!