Setting markup for height and width

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Setting markup for height and width

Hello everyone,

I am using shadowbox for a photogallery with html  link, all the same size (980 x 500).
Can someone help me how to set markup in the or under shadowbox.init,  instead of setting height and width in each individual html tag.
I came across about the same subject in other threads like this one but i don't see any answer who work for me or i don't understand if i must make change in the shadowbox.js  or shadowbox.css file.

Here is my exemple

<script type="text/javascript"> Shadowbox.init({ height:500, width:980, gallery: "gallery", flashVersion:"8.0.0", players: ['img', 'html', 'iframe', 'qt', 'wmp', 'swf', 'flv'] }); </script>

and html
<a rel="shadowbox[gallery];height=500;width=980"; href="../galerie/...html">< src="../thumb/img_0.jpg"  /><a>

<a rel= "shadowbox[gallery] ;height=500;width=980"; href="../galerie/.....html"><src="../thumb/img1.jpg" /><a>  
< a rel="shadowbox[gallery];height=500;width=980"; href="../galerie/....html"><src="../thumb/img2.jpg" /><a>
<a rel="shadowbox[gallery];height=500;width=980"; href="../galerie/......html"><src="../thumb/img3.jpg"/><a>

<a rel="shadowbox[gallery];height=500;width=980"; href="../galerie/.....html" ><src="../thumb/img4.jpg"/><a>
   ........ etc

Thank you for your answer,

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Re: Setting markup for height and width

In the meantime, i found some answer here from lemontonic21

and it seems to work but i still need to keep the
[rel=Shadowbox[gallery] in my link otherwise the navigation bar will not show off.

the script :

 window.onload = function(){
     Shadowbox.setup("a.galerie", {
       gallery: "gallery",
           width: 980,
           height: 500
            }); };  

and my html look like this
<a class="galerie" rel="shadowbox[gallery]" href="../galerie/..html"><src="../thumb/img1.jpg "/><a>

Thank you to validate what i did or there is another way to  set a gallery with the same height and width ?