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Shadow box iframe not working

Julian Cochran
The following URL links to a page in which the small image should
invoke Shadow box to load another web page.

This is not working and the clicking the hyperlink just goes straight to the
page rather than launching the Shadowbox. However the odd thing is that
if you go to the page above, save it locally and then run it in the browser,
the Shadowbox works perfectly.

I am completely baffled. I speculated that Shadowbox might be trying
to use Ajax and failing when clicking the above link, but when using the
local version it might be using an iframe and thus working. I'm only
speculating in this paragraph but I can't think of anything else that
would cause the link above to not work when running straight from
the server but working perfectly after you click 'Save Page As' and load
the same HTML locally.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience in this matter?

Best regards
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Re: Shadow box iframe not working


Try explicitly specifying the player you want to use. To do this, you add the following to your rel attribute on your link: