ShadowBox and Slideshow 2 Integration

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ShadowBox and Slideshow 2 Integration

Dear Friends,
I am here to ask you a hand of the following issues:

I'm trying to set up an integration of Shadowbox with Slideshow 2, some more informations are available on google code. 

Both of them should work well togheter, since I have experienced Lightbox has no problem to work with.
But In the mesh up I have prepared links do not work as I expected, since each image, once shown should have a different link to the full size image. But in my case just the setup image of the cycle is a valid link for shadowbox.

You can see a live sample of this in the following link

Another problem I have is to stop the Slideshow once the Shadowbox is open. I have tried and tried to set up a working function for that, but I have no experience in javascript programming. Basically I think I need a code like

        var options = {
                        'onClose': function(){ this.pause(false); }.bind(myShow),
                        'onOpen': function(){ this.pause(true); }.bind(myShow)


But it doesn't seem to work.
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks so much to Michael for the wonderful Shadowbox and in advance for any contribution.