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ShadowBox in Action on my Site

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post an active example of ShadowBox as employed on my web-site.  I've gotten pretty good at configuring the thing to look and work with just about any web-site.  One tip that may be useful to some of you:

If you want to use multiple Shadowbox styles within the same web-site, have them draw/fade differently, etc... I've found that simply duplicating shadowbox.js to shadowbox2, shadowbox3.js ... etc... and then calling the rel="shadowbox2" or rel="shadowbox3" quite useful.  You can see this on the "portfolio" link on my page when clicking an image thumbnail.

Have to say this is the best open-source JS I've found for displaying multiple types of content. - script used throughout -- See the image gallery for the script

Thanks to the maker,