Shadowbox Works in Joomla, but not on Custom Page

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Shadowbox Works in Joomla, but not on Custom Page

Logan Farr
I have the Shadowbox Media Player plugin installed in Joomla, and it works perfectly on all of our Joomla pages. However, we required one page to have some extra functionality, so we had to custom-code it. We still needed the same header, so we included the header and footer that goes with the Joomla pages. Really the only thing that is different is the content below the nav bar and above the footer.

However, Shadowbox does not work on this page. The <div> element is in the header, right under the button, actually, and the Shadowbox just comes up with an iFrame of the entire page. How would I get it to open the <div> instead of the entire page?

The problem page is this page and the Shadowbox button is the "Buy One Get One Free" button in the top left (the big red button).

It works on all of the other pages, like the home page, however it is a Joomla page.

So, my question is, how do I get the Joomla plugin to work on custom-coded pages (even when all the javascript and css files are included, and throws no errors)?