Shadowbox + YooGallery IE7 Bug?

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Shadowbox + YooGallery IE7 Bug?

Hi Guys,

my english is not very good but I try my best to explain my problem for you as good as I can.

I'm using Joomla! 1.5.6 and installed YooEffects + YooGallery. Both of them have a Lightbox and I disabled the Lightbox from the Backend in the YooGallery. The Gallery then is using the Lightbox (Shadowbox) from the YooEffects.

Well, I did all the configuration stuff und copied the pictures for the gallery in the folder. The Gallery appears on my site and everything looks good. Now the problem:

--> When I click on an Image, the Lightbox (Shadowbox) opens with the black fading background and the picture, that I clicked on, shows up. Everything's fine till now.
--> But when I close the picture and click on another one, the picture appears but the black fading background effect doesn't show up twice. And that looks realy ugly.

I was searching in the forum but I didn't find a solution for my problem. I have seen someone, who made a hack in the shadowbox.js, which helped him to solve his problem, but not mine :(

So what am I doing wrong. Where is the mistake or is it a bug from YooGallery, YooEffects, or Joomla?

Thank you very much for helping me out.

Best regards sportklotz33