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Shadowbox issue with Nextgen Gallery

Andreas Hald
I've been having big problems on my site caused by Nextgen Gallery - and apparently Shadowbox. After updating Nextgen, it started throwing in small thumbnails of all my galleries in my section widget and Banners (feature with Pagelines) while disabling shadowbox - where I had videos sat to pop up with shadowbox when clicked. For the record - the places it throws in these thumbnails, are place I've never had or gonna have pictures - beside them in the html video. Nothing has seemed to work and after troubleshooting with Nextgen and Pagelines, a member of the Pagelines staff seemed to have find a confilct between Nextgen Gallery and Shadowbox.

This is the page with the issue in section widget (only the two videos "The Drop" and "Magt" were supposed to be there and pop up with shadowbox as it used to - as well as the Player which is in the Primary Sidebar:

This is where it completely messes up my Banner sections, which also used to be videos popping up with shadowbox when clicked.

This is the link to the thread I had with Pagelines.

I really hope this can be fixed.