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Tip / issue -- loading gif location spec

Here's something I just caught when I updated to version 1.0 from 1.08b:

Someplace in the deployment process my loading image got 'lost' -- but I didn't notice it.

What I did notice was that the window open animation got noticeably 'jerky.'

When I upgraded to 1.0 release, I immediately noticed the broken image symbol and went looking for my issue, finally realizing that I'd lost my loading gif along the way (and that was what was making the animation jerky).

I found that even though I was using the default settings for the loading gif and the image was in the deployed folder and seemingly everything else was working (and that the demo page still worked correctly from inside the shadowbox folder -- calling shadowbox from my pages elsewhere resulted in a 'missing' load gif.

So I specified the load gif location in the initialization options and everything was cool.

[I did have another issue, which I'll post about separately: I couldn't get the listenOverlay defeat to work from an individual link parameter -- it only works for me from the initialization routine.]