Various feature requests and problems

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Various feature requests and problems

Hi, great script btw.

I have noticed that Shadowbox cannot deal with web pages from the current domain when its an index page e.g. just say is the domain calling Shadowbox with a Shadowbox link to will open the actual page rather then a Shadowbox, it needs to be It works fine when linking to an external index.

The same goes for querystrings e.g. again assuming is the current domain needs to be but works find for external sites.

Also a feature request would be to be able to set flashvars for flv player via the url that way I could set the poster frame and set things like autoplay on a per video basis. Currently if I place a querystring in a flv video it will not display.

Lastly I had some problems with the Flash detection for IE6, works most of the time, though had a case with a machine that had Flash installed (I know because there was other Flash content on the page working) though when I open the Shadowbox it says the Flash plugin could not be found, I set the flv element within the plugins array to true in the script and it worked, but as expected on machines who actually don't have Flash installed a red cross appears.

Looking forward to future versions.