how to open shadowbox in php link id

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how to open shadowbox in php link id

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First sorry for my bad english

need help

to open shadowbox in html is easy
<nabble_embed><a href="link.php" rel="shadowbox;width=740;height=600">go</a></nabble_embed>

But as I open here
 <nabble_embed>echo "<div id='verfotosalbum'><a href='galeria.php?gal=$columna[IDGALERIA]'><img src='img/veraba.png' /></a></div>";</nabble_embed>
resolved for those who need to stay well
<nabble_embed>echo "<div id='verfotosalbum'><a href='galeria.php?gal=$columna[IDGALERIA]' rel='shadowbox;width=740;height=600'><img src='img/veraba.png' /></a></div>";</nabble_embed>

Thanks to anyone who can help