<HTML Embed> of navigation ignored by Shadowbox?

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<HTML Embed> of navigation ignored by Shadowbox?

I am not a super coding guru so I will do my best to explain.

My navigation is in its own HTML document and then embedded into each page like:
<div id='navigation' />

Now, everything has been working hunky dory except that when you are on a page where thumbnails use Shadowbox, it ignores the navigation bar and opens the first Shadowbox element on the page.

Example: the last link on my navigation is "CONTACT" which is a part of the embedded HTML document.
The goal is to make the contact box open in a shadowbox rather than go to a whole new page. However it seems that when you click on Contact (no matter what page of the site you are on - with 1 exception) it skips the contact.html link and opens the second time shadowbox is used on the page itself.

The exception is on the index page where NO thumbnails or references to shadowbox exist (except in the head as a script).

Any ideas?