quicktime call and skip counter issues

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quicktime call and skip counter issues

Thanks a lot for your magnificent work. I adopted Shadowbox right away and I'm loving it.

I have 3 issues, so I ask for your help.

1) Some visitors of one of the sites that I helped to design (www.infoliga.com.ar) are asked to open the Quick Time player, although no QT movies are involved at all. This weird behaviour started when I installed the Shadowbox plugin for WordPress, so I attribute to some call that the plugin inserted... (BTW, I translated the interface to Spanish, editing the shadowbox.js file, just in case somebody is interested).

2) With the skip counter option activated, the counter shows for a moment before the box starts to resize, and reappears (correctly) when the box is finally resized.

3) When the gallery is large and the pictures shown are not, there are not enough space to all the numbers (skip counter again). Another user asked for an alternative, and I sum my request. Maybe something like "... 22 23 24 [25] 26 27 28 ...".