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"Bolding" in the title attribute

Is there a way to make some of the text in the "title" attribute bold? Example:

<a href="..." rel="shadowbox" title="bold this text, but leave the rest normal">

I've tried adding <strong> </strong> tags within the "title" attribute. And it works, but the problem is the little yellow pop-ups that hover over links in the browser are not recognizing the extra tags. (the code doesn't like it either, so I've even tried using HTML entities instead of the greater than/less that surrounds the tags - but then the entities display in the little yellow boxes.)

If it was the entire title, I'd do it in the CSS, but I only want a portion of the title to be bold and I'm afraid that any code I stick in the title attribute is going to display in the yellow pop-ups.

Is there a way to use an alternate attribute in the anchor to display the titles in shadowbox? (and how would I change that in the javascript?)

Is there a way to disable the little yellow pop-ups?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.