"Shadowbox.change" won't change the gallery group

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"Shadowbox.change" won't change the gallery group


I'm having another problem with the Shadowbox. I'm filling my Shadowbox with HTML content from a DIV-Container. Within this content I would like to use links to switch to another content.

It's working fine, but the problem is, that the Shadowbox won't change the "gallery" attribute. So if I'm switching from one gallery to another, it just switches the content, but the Shadowbox navigation won't appear.

This is my switch function:
function switchShadowbox(boxId) {
	var Shadowbox = window.parent.Shadowbox;
	var galId = boxId.replace('#', '');

	Shadowbox.getCurrent().content 						= $('' + boxId + '').html();
	Shadowbox.getCurrent().gallery				 		= '' + galId + '';


The name of my gallery variable (galId) is correct, if I alert it.

Does anyone has clue how to fix this?

Kind regards