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Challenge: how to bypass shadowbox with image map "area" getElement command!
— by greg_bonnier greg_bonnier
Hi there, I have a whole website made with image maps, including external links... After a long research, i've finally got to make it work... One little problem tho... With the following command on:

window.onload = function(){ Shadowbox.setup(document.getElementById('map').getElementsByTagName('area'))

My pictures load just fin in the shadowbox... But now, all my URLs also using image maps 'area' tags (i.e. back button and external links) are trying to load in shadowbox!

So there must be a way to force the bypass of shadowbox...

Considering the "rel" tag does not affect this, removing it is useless... It still tries to load in shadowbox because the command found its 'area' tag and it's part of the same 'map'.

SO, how do I get an external link, made with an image map to bypass shadowbox?

Here's my simple code...

<area shape="rect" coords="192,345,269,368" href="index.html" target="_blank" />